January 2018

  • Beachbody Transforms Hiring and Onboarding
    January 06 | DDI

    A decisive prioritization around results wasn’t fully realized in Beachbody’s people strategy. In the Santa Monica area, where countless technology companies vie for top talent, Beachbody faced multiple challenges in hiring and keeping technologists—the engineers, software creators, Agile experts, and people who write the code the company runs on.

  • Doing Your Best!
    January 06 | Thinkers50 Video Blog

    Using the Daily Questions process, and asking yourself “Did I do my best to…?” keeps you focused on becoming a happier, healthier person. It provides the discipline you need in a busy working life!

December 2017

  • Chief Diversity Officer: One of the Hardest Jobs in Tech
    December 12 | Workforce Magazine

    The role provides a unique opportunity to transform the composition of the workforce and the success of an organization.

  • Learning from Buddha
    December 12 | Thinkers50 Video Blog

    What can we learn and how can we grow from adversity? While we may not be able to fix every mistake, poor decision, or difficult conditions, we can make the best of the situations in which we find ourselves!

November 2017

  • How to Build Trust and Lead Effectively
    November 27 | Knowledge@Wharton

    Building good teams starts with having strong relationships based on a foundation of trust. But how does one develop that trust at work or in life? 

  • What's Next?
    November 14 | Thinkers50 Video Blog

    The evolutionary journey is not grandiose, but gradual. It’s about doing something—even small things—every day, not waiting for huge leaps and otherwise doing nothing.

  • Employee Engagement in the Digital Age
    November 08 | PeopleMatters

    The positive part of this is that most organizations now understand the importance of employee engagement. For this, they have appointed employee experience officers. However, it is still not a priority for HR leaders or a continuous process with assigned responsibilities and goals.

October 2017

  • 5 Reasons Why Your High-Potential Program Isn’t Working
    October 30 | DDI

    Organizations lack the leadership they need. This isn’t a new development—and organizations know it. It’s why, over the past several years, they’ve focused so much attention on identifying and accelerating leadership potential.

  • Self-Limiting Beliefs
    October 25 | Thinkers50 Video Blog

    Success comes when your belief system is adjusted to what is and to who you are. Only then can you make the decisions and take the actions that reflect the real you!


  • Is Your Learning Organization Agility Fit?
    October 16 | Chief Learning Officer

    The rise of the gig economy means CLOs should assess their personal and organizational fitness for an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.