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September 2017

  • Going Long on Shorter Learning
    September 11 | Chief Learning Officer

    Personalization and shorter bursts of learning are driving education technology product development.

August 2017

  • How Improv Methods from Comedy Can Lift Business Performance
    August 10 | Knowledge@ Wharton

    Author and part-time comedian Bob Kulhan explains how improvisation techniques can boost performance.

  • 5 Digital Trends Impacting Leaders
    August 07 | DDI

    This article distills five key themes for leaders, each with accompanying Business Evidence: why the theme is critical to the workplace, and our projections for the Leader’s Role: how leaders need to act now on the theme’s implications before they’re overtaken by them.

  • Proof Positive for Happiness at Work
    August 03 | Chief Learning Officer

    Once dismissed as fuzzy and soft, some leaders are making a hard business case for actively promoting happiness at work.

July 2017