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June 2017

  • How Companies Can Tap Sustainability to Motivate Staff
    June 21 | Knowledge@Wharton

    Employee motivation or engagement is a holy grail of people management – and often nearly as elusive.  Engaged employees are happier and more productive, of course, but how can companies make it happen? Leading companies are successfully boosting engagement through involvement in sustainability issues.

  • How to measure the impact of your L&D program?
    June 21 | PeopleMatters

    Learning effectiveness is a two-fold assessment that evaluates the quality of the intervention itself, and its impact on business outcomes.

  • Self-Awareness: The Best Employee Feedback App You Have
    June 21 | ATD

    While feedback apps have real-time benefits, they also can create a culture of feedback complacency—one where managers feel it’s enough to voice their thoughts anonymously rather than give the honest, human-to-human feedback that’s most needed.

March 2017

  • Marshall Goldsmith Interview with CUTV News – Part 1
    March 13 | Thinkers50 Video Blog

    Jim Masters of CUTV News interviews Marshall Goldsmith in this series. In this one-on-one in depth interview, Jim gets to the heart of who Marshall Goldsmith is, why he does what he does, and his plans and hopes for the future.

February 2017

  • Big Data and the Law: New Tools but a Better Workplace?
    February 16 | Workforce Magazine

    Big data analytics promises to save companies millions of dollars by streamlining employment decisions and preserving workforces. But is there risk in relying too heavily on automated workforce decisions?

  • Is Court Ruling on Overtime Regs the Last Word?
    February 16 | CFO

    The Labor Department issued new rules last May that doubled the salary threshold under which workers were eligible for overtime pay. Businesses have largely cheered the ruling, because in most cases the new regulations would have inflated labor costs. But it does present some thorny issues.

  • Lectures Don’t Work: Why Accelerated Learning Is the Answer
    February 16 | The Watercooler

    Some might think Accelerated Learning is the act of acquiring a lot of information in a short time period. But that’s not it at all. Accelerated Learning is a methodology that focuses on more effectively using the brain. And it works.

  • The Emotional Intelligence Deficit – How It Stifles Careers
    February 16 | Knowledge@Wharton

    Many professionals have been plugging away at their careers for years with only moderate success. Despite being good at what they do, they haven’t been able to achieve their desired level of income or career advancement. Why? Perhaps they lack the right soft skills.

  • The Present of HR
    February 16 | IHRIM Workforce Solutions

    The HR technology industry continues to develop amazing new tools and techniques. In the past several years, new ideas blossomed as the direct result of massive investment in new companies. Here are a few of the capabilities you might not have noticed.

  • You're Only as Good as Your Team!
    February 13 | Thinkers50 Video Blog

    There is a big difference between achievers and leaders. For the great achiever, the focus is all about “me” and reaching individual goals. For f the greatest leaders, leadership is all about “them” and their success. “The best leader, the people do not notice. When the best leader’s work is done, the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.’”