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Nigel Bromley


Nigel Bromley

I have been working in the H&S arena now for some 24 years, coming from a civil engineering background and acted as District Safety Adviser for all levels of management with British Telecomm, moving to Manager, Safety Policy & Strategy in London. I worked closely with senior managers and board members to integrate safety into the business bloodstream and facilitate synergies wherever possible. Although, I am a H&S professional, I see a key skill as 'selling' the benefits, in order to add real value to the business. Safety is business critical!

I moved to Accenture HR Services, as Manager, Safety Consultancy with an additional Business Development remit and engaged with blue chip companies, working on (bids/tenders/presentations/outsourcing/transitioning) to deliver the required level of H&S Service. I honed my business understanding skills in order to convince senior people the true benefits of actively Managing H&S can bring.

I since have been acting for 3 years now, as an independent H&S Consultant and Trainer, putting in place workable pragmatic strategic for all types of businesses and designed/delivering a full range of H&S programmes for all levels, including Directors. I am particularly familiar with all the IOSH & NEBOSH programmes.

My stance is for H&S professionals to make a difference, they must understand and talk the same language as business leaders to convince them the benefits, in order for action to be taken and sustained.