August 2017

  • How Not to Advocate for a Woman at Work

    While benevolent sexism might not sound that bad, Glick and Fiske describe how this kind of paternalism suggests that women need to be taken care of by men, and men who endorse this form of benevolent sexism are more likely to accept the mistreatment and harassment of women at work.

  • When One Person’s High Performance Creates Resentment in Your Team

    Organizations face a dilemma in their hunt for talent. They pursue the proverbial “best and brightest” who can outsell, outthink, and outproduce their peers. So they spend sizable resources to attract and retain high performers who stand out. But often these organizations also want teams that function in solidarity. So they place their prized recruits in collaborative groups and tell them to fit in.

  • Why Do So Many Managers Avoid Giving Praise?

    Given how unpleasant giving critical feedback can be, perhaps that isn’t surprising. But what we were surprised to see is that even more people admitted that they avoided giving positive feedback! 37% of the people who took our self-assessment conceded that they don’t give positive reinforcement.

  • Why My Company Serves Free Breakfast to All Employees

    I know what you’re thinking. Free food is the cost of admission to the Silicon Valley tech scene. Our startup, Pivotal, calls the South of Market (SOMA) neighborhood home, alongside companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, Adobe, Slack, Salesforce, and Uber. So, of course, Pivotal serves free, catered meals. It’s just expected. While that’s true, even if no other startup around us served free, catered meals, we still would. To explain why, I first need to explain how Pivotal works.

  • The Solution to the Skills Gap Could Already Be Inside Your Company

    Cathy Benko, a vice chairman at Deloitte, has been studying the various ways companies are working to prevent a skills crisis while transforming for the digital world. In a recent article with AT&T’s chief strategy officer and group president, John Donovan, she describes how AT&T is in a sprint to reinvent itself as its industry moves from cables to the cloud. Rather than hiring new talent wholesale, AT&T has chosen to rapidly reskill more than a hundred thousand of its current employees.