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06 Jan. 2014 | Comments (0)
No happy new year for Europe’s labor market yet
Last year saw the number of jobs in Europe decline for the fourth time in five years. This has resulted in an unemployment rate of 12 percent at the moment. Parts of Europe, notably Spain and Greece, currently see more than 1 in 4 people being unemployed.

30 Oct. 2013 | Comments (0)
Global Economic Conditions and Their Impact on Labor Markets
The Great Recession ended more than four years ago, but the global economy, especially in advanced countries, has far from fully recovered. GDP in the advanced world is barely above its 2007 level. Why has the global economy been unable to resume faster growth rates?

18 Oct. 2013 | Comments (0)
Delayed Retirement in Europe: The Impact on Talent Development for the Younger Generation
During times of prolonged unemployment, it is rather common that people long searching for jobs drop out of the labor force. One would expect this to be true for Europe. Yet, in fact, this is not the case.

27 Jun. 2013 | Comments (0)
Are Spanish Migrants Proving that the European Labor Market Works?
The European labor market is becoming increasingly divided as the recession continues. The unemployment rate in Germany has fallen during the European debt crisis, while it continues to soar in Mediterranean countries. So does that mean that the European, single-labor market is working?

26 Mar. 2013 | Comments (0)
Have Talent Shortages Been Decreasing in Europe?
When studying the levels of hourly labor compensation for the total economy for a number of European countries and the United States, the data shows that there clearly still is a wage premium, and that premium is very significant.

21 Mar. 2013 | Comments (0)
Does A University Education Still Pay Off In A Depressed European Job Market?
Stories about young people with college degrees moving from Greece and Spain to Germany due to a lack of available jobs make it sound like you might as well not bother pursuing higher education. Yet, that, in fact, is not the case.

29 Nov. 2012 | Comments (2)
With Austerity Kicking In, Europe’s Motivated Have Nowhere To Run
In current times of high unemployment, low business investments, and low wage growth, job opportunities do not come easily. In a typical recession, government work provides a good substitute for private sector job loss. This makes the current European crisis so difficult.

30 Jul. 2012 | Comments (0)
Green Shoots in a Frosted Europe: Troubled Economies are Regaining Labor Competitiveness
While the European financial system is cracking under its own weight, unemployment is at record highs in many countries. However, structural changes have taking place which have aided in rebalancing the troubled European economy.

27 Jul. 2012 | Comments (0)
Labor Market Conditions Across U.S. States Has Varied Almost as Dramatically as Across Countries Worldwide
The variation in labor market conditions across American states during the past four years has been remarkable. The disparity across states has been almost as severe as the disparity across countries.

28 Jun. 2012 | Comments (3)
How Lost is Europe’s Generation Y Actually?
Further problems are arising for Europe’s young as the sovereign debt crisis simmers on, leading to a widespread belief that Generation Y adults have been unable to develop talents on a large scale. This belief doesn’t take into account differences between various European countries.

12 Jun. 2012 | Comments (0)
Record Levels of Unemployment Feed Inequality in Europe
Even though Europe has been suffering back-to-back financial crises since 2008, it seems that for a majority of Europeans, their lifestyle remains relatively unaffected by the economic downturn.

16 May. 2012 | Comments (0)
German Minimum Wage Could Give Troubled Europe Some Breathing Space
In the Euro Area, a staggering 17.4 million people are currently without a job. To more efficiently reallocate employment, one would expect that the ‘core’ countries should possess higher wage growth than other troubled economies, but this is barely the case.

06 Apr. 2012 | Comments (0)
Germany’s Labor Market Miracle Has a Grey Lining
All across Europe, countries are trying to reform labor markets. Even the much applauded German reforms have had their winners and losers, and, as it turns out, the seniors have won.

05 Mar. 2012 | Comments (0)
Europe is Getting Disillusioned, with Portugal at the Forefront
Now that 10.4 percent of the Euro Area remains jobless, and long-term unemployment is on the rise, there is a certain amount of discouragement that can be found throughout the European population.

08 Feb. 2012 | Comments (0)
Europe’s economy keeps muddling through
At last week’s European summit, the European leaders not only focused on finalizing the fiscal compact , but also talked about a growth agenda to facilitate a much needed recovery.

03 Feb. 2012 | Comments (0)
Will only the Germans be hiring in the next few months?
In insecure times like these, with unemployment through the roof in a large number of European countries, it is interesting to look at some numbers that give a sneak peek into the future.

27 Jan. 2012 | Comments (0)
Talent pool is decreasing with many people without a job for two winters in a row
For a majority of Europeans this European crisis seems to be a bureaucratic one that is battled in meeting rooms and at press conferences, it is much more real for people without a job for the second or third winter in a row.

20 Jan. 2012 | Comments (0)
Europe’s two tiered labor market
Just as with its economy, the European labor market is also performing rather sluggishly at the moment.