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13 Oct. 2017 | Comments (0)
How to Gain Credibility When You Have Little Experience
This credibility paradox is indeed a core dilemma many young people face as they enter the workforce. To be successful, young workers — or anyone starting a new job or career with little previous experience in a given field — need to be seen as credible before they have had the opportunity to build expertise from the ground up. It puts a new spin on the idea of “hitting the ground running.”

21 Sep. 2017 | Comments (0)
The Hidden Benefits of Short-Term Business Travel
Despite the inherent fatigue and the surface appearance of monotony, business travel can be more than just getting work done in a new location. Yes, it can be exhausting — both physically and emotionally. But it can also be stimulating — so much so that some people return from business trips energized with a new set of knowledge and a different perspective on their work.

09 Sep. 2017 | Comments (0)
A Simple Way to Be More Assertive (Without Being Pushy)
In the workplace, we all run into conflict. Many of us would love to speak up and assert ourselves to correct it. And, in a perfect world, it would be easy. You could finally tell that colleague who keeps interrupting you exactly how you feel. You could give him a piece of your mind, releasing the frustration and anger that’s been gnawing at you for months. You could finally express that part of you that feels so underappreciated and marginalized.

18 Jul. 2017 | Comments (0)
What to Do When Your Heart Isn’t in Your Work Anymore
In an ideal world, our work lives would be completely fulfilling, full of meaning, and intrinsically motivating. But what if they’re not? What if you’re stuck in a job or a career that you once loved, but your heart isn’t in it anymore?

02 Aug. 2016 | Comments (0)
If You’re Not Outside Your Comfort Zone, You Won’t Learn Anything
You need to speak in public, but your knees buckle even before you reach the podium. You want to expand your network, but you’d rather swallow nails than make small talk with strangers. Speaking up in meetings would further your reputation at work, but you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing. Situations like these — ones that are important professionally, but personally terrifying — are, unfortunately, ubiquitous.

23 Oct. 2015 | Comments (0)
Will That Cross-Cultural Coach Really Help Your Team?
It’s not uncommon for global businesses to face increasingly complex cross-cultural challenges. How do make an international merger a success? How can you help teams spanning countries and continents better collaborate? To deal with these issues, many companies are turning to coaches who specialize in helping diverse teams deal with cultural tripwires. Seems like a smart solution, right?

25 Sep. 2015 | Comments (0)
Managing Vacations When Your Team Is Global
It’s no longer unusual for teams within organizations to span different countries and cultures. While there are many benefits to this, one of the challenges for leaders of these global teams is navigating everyone’s vacation schedules.

18 Sep. 2015 | Comments (0)
Becoming a Manager in a New Country
It’s doubly difficult to command authority and lead a team for the first time in a new culture where the nuts and bolts of how to manage are completely different. What can new managers in foreign cultures do to ease what will inevitably be a challenging transition?

30 Oct. 2014 | Comments (0)
Adapt to a New Culture – but Don’t Go Too Far
One of the most popular pieces of advice that people receive when operating across cultures is, “When in Rome, Act Like the Romans.” But what happens when you don’t have a perfect read on what these customs or rules exactly are?

22 Oct. 2014 | Comments (0)
Learning to Speak Up When You’re from a Culture of Deference
Many of us are uncomfortable speaking with people of higher status. We can feel self-conscious, unsure of what to say, and afraid what we’re going to say is the wrong thing. Imagine what communicating up the hierarchy is like for people from cultures where notions of hierarchy are deeper.

23 Jun. 2014 | Comments (0)
Employee Training Needs More than a Script
You want your employees to become more effective and emotionally intelligent communicators. So you offer them interpersonal skills training. It’s a packaged solution that can pay great dividends for your business. Right?

06 Jun. 2014 | Comments (0)
How to Adapt to American-Style Self-Promotion
Imagine you’re at a networking event in the United States and you hear your colleague make the following statement to a potential employer: “… Before doing my MBA, I worked at Bain Consulting and then prior to that was an officer in the army…”

27 May. 2014 | Comments (0)
Self-Promotion for Professionals from Countries Where Bragging Is Bad
Almost every culture has its own metaphor about what happens to people who are judged by their peers to be overreaching. In the U.S., known for its embrace of assertive self-confidence, it’s a different story, however.

23 Apr. 2014 | Comments (0)
When Crossing Cultures, Don’t Forget Praise
When her first employees quit, Stephanie Muller didn’t think much of it. To Stephanie, a German-born marketing executive for a global engineering company in the U.S., these were underperforming employees, and she was fine to see them go.

20 Mar. 2014 | Comments (0)
Encourage Foreign-Born Employees to Participate More in Meetings
Imagine the following: Feng Li is a Chinese-born management consultant for a major American-based professional services firm in Chicago. Feng has impeccable oral and written English and outstanding technical skills.

14 Feb. 2014 | Comments (0)
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: A Guide for the Terrified
No one likes to move beyond his or her comfort zone, but that’s really where the magic happens. It’s where we can grow, learn, and develop in a way that expands our horizons beyond what we thought was possible.

26 Jun. 2013 | Comments (0)
Connecting with Your Foreign-Born Employees
Having empathy for your foreign-born employees' experiences can go a long way toward connecting with them.

24 Jun. 2013 | Comments (0)
Your Assumptions About Cultural Adaptation Are Probably Wrong
The workplace has never been more global than today. But despite that, I often find the last thing on people's minds when doing international work is the global element. Instead, and often for good reason, people focus on concrete and pressing work details.

27 May. 2013 | Comments (0)
Impress Your Foreign Boss
Enrique Llamas couldn't believe what he was hearing. Lacking confidence? Not a team player? Not willing to contribute to group discussions? Enrique had thought he was all of those things. So why did he receive such a negative performance evaluation?

06 May. 2013 | Comments (0)
Common Language Doesn't Equal Common Culture
Just because two cultures share a common language or are in a similar part of the world does not necessary mean that they share a common business culture. This sounds like an obvious point, but it's one that people often overlook when doing business overseas, especially in countries with superficial similarities that can mask important underlying differences. Assumptions like these can lead to awkward — or unprofessional — interactions in a different culture.

10 Apr. 2013 | Comments (0)
When Crossing Cultures, Use Global Dexterity
Picture the following: Greg O'Leary, a 32-year-old mid-level manager, is in Shanghai for the first time to negotiate a critical deal with a distributor. To prepare himself for the trip, Greg has learned some key cultural differences between China and the U.S. — about how important deference and humility are in Chinese culture, and how Chinese tend to communicate more indirectly than Americans do.

26 Mar. 2013 | Comments (0)
The Big Challenge of American Small Talk
In many cultures, it can also be particularly inappropriate to make small talk with strangers or to share any personal information with someone you don't know. America may be one of the only countries in the world where it's common to strike up a personal conversation with a complete stranger.

15 Mar. 2013 | Comments (0)
Giving Feedback Across Cultures
Although many of us don't like to do it, we know that critiquing others' work — ideally in a constructive, polite, empowering manner — is an essential part of our jobs. But does critical feedback work similarly across cultures? Do people in Shanghai provide critical feedback in the same way as people in Stuttgart, Strasbourg, and Stockholm?

26 Apr. 2012 | Comments (0)
Leveling the Playing Field on Cross-Cultural Teams
Multicultural teams are ubiquitous in today's business environment, and a lot has been written about them. What is often lost in the discussion of multicultural teams, however, is the experience of individuals — especially individuals from East Asian cultures.

15 Feb. 2012 | Comments (0)
How to Get Promoted in China
What people sometimes don't realize is that although overt, direct self-promotion is a singularly American phenomenon, self-promotion itself is universal.

20 Jan. 2012 | Comments (0)
How to Network Across Cultures
Picture this: You are at a networking event and see across the room a potential employer from a company you're interested in.