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09 Sep. 2017 | Comments (0)
How to Rediscover Your Inspiration at Work
When we’re inspired, our work hums. We have a sense of purpose, buoyed by the feeling that our talents are being put to good use. We’re doing what we should be doing. And then, just like that, inspiration evaporates. Perhaps a negative comment from your boss deflated you or you’re not excited about a particular assignment. Inspiration can be frustratingly fleeting and difficult to recover when lost.

31 Aug. 2017 | Comments (0)
5 Questions to Help Your Employees Find Their Inner Purpose
How can leaders help employees find meaning at work? Organizations spend considerable resources on corporate values and mission statements, but even the most inspiring of these — from Volvo’s commitment to safety to Facebook’s desire to connect people — tend to fade into the background during the daily bustle of the work day.

10 Jul. 2017 | Comments (0)
New Managers Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Express Their Emotions
Leaders craft such a solid professional persona that they fail to be themselves, unintentionally quashing the emotional qualities that build followership, and leaving their peers and direct reports scratching their heads.