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  1. Josh Kessler 0 people like this 14 Nov. 2012 11:39 AM

    Interesting article. To get a better understanding of the shortage of educated workers, it would be interesting to know the total numbers of workers in these two age brackets, not just the percentages.

    Of the states where a higher percentage of older workers are educated than younger workers, the majority are experiencing immigration booms (NM, AZ, CA, TX, etc.). The immigrants tend to be (1) young and (2) less educated than the overall population. That could skew the percentages without substantially altering the required number of educated workers.

    For example, if 100 of the 250 people in the 55-64 bracket have BA's (40%) compared with 150 of the 450 people in the 25-64 bracket (33%), you have a gap of 7%. However, the population of younger people is much higher, so you actually have 50 more educated employees in total to fill the same number of jobs requiring BA's. As an Arizona resident, I see this first hand.

  2. Gad Levanon 0 people like this 20 Nov. 2012 01:28 PM

    Thanks Josh. This is a good comment and looking at the totals does change the picture somewhat. We'll update the table in a future blog.