The Human Capital Exchange™ provides a single repository of global human capital research, data and analysis, and thought leadership across the entire human capital spectrum.

Our Mission:

The Conference Board ® Human Capital Exchange™ is a central place where one can discover new research and insights from The Conference Board as well as our knowledge partners and human capital practitioners through book discussions, webcasts, blogs, profiles, articles, research and case studies – all focusing on various topics within the human capital space.  


What We Offer:

The Human Capital Exchange web portal is the “one-stop" resource for human capital professionals around the world seeking the best information and wisdom in the field.

The Human Capital Exchange  features:

  • Thought leadership, blogs, and research
  • Interactive webcasts, including monthly book discussions featuring top HC practitioners and authors
  • Videos, podcasts, and other multi-media programming
Rebecca L. Ray, Executive Vice President, Knowledge Organization & Human Capital Practice Lead
"The Human Capital Exchange was designed to be a place where human capital practitioners can find the latest data and distilled wisdom within their prospective areas of practice, as well as have a unique opportunity to share their own research and insights with others."