A Range of Customization Options

All of our experiential programs can be customized to align with your team and organizational goals. By combining your unique culture, challenges, and goals, we work with you to shape a program to help your team tackle critical issues, overcome obstacles, and move your organization forward.

Program design: planning for the outcome

During the planning stage, we integrate our expertise with your objectives to create a custom experience.

Some of the topics we have covered include:

  • Responding to a merger
  • Succession planning
  • Developing future leaders
  • Implementing a new organizational strategy
  • Team-building
  • Motivating employees to deliver on the organization’s mission
  • Working across departmental and geographic lines
  • Developing global leadership capabilities

Based upon planning discussions and interviews with stakeholders, we review module options, go through specific case studies/situational analyses to tailor the program content.  Our development team works with you to identify key outcomes related to your specific objectives, challenges and/or competencies.  Action plans are developed that will be incorporated into breakout sessions.   

Program design: gaining consensus and alignment

By co-designing and distributing an attendee survey, in advance of the program, we work with you to get a clear understanding of each participant’s expectations and their most pressing personal, team and organizational leadership challenges.  

Program delivery: creating relevance 

To create relevance with your specific business challenges, our facilitation team integrates the results from the attendee surveys and the planning discussions into the program’s key learning objectives.  We facilitate the modules, case studies and situational analyses to focus on these specific learning objectives.  The Conference Board will also incorporate relevant research into the program. For accountability, personal commitment forms are distributed and completed during the final breakout session.

Program follow-up

As part of the action planning, The Conference Board follows up with participants after the program to check in on their personal commitments.  In addition, a program evaluation is conducted through questionnaires and, if appropriate, individual phone interviews. 

For customized team events, please contact Michael Nealon 212 339 263 michael.nealon@conferenceboard.org  

Leadership Development Experience

Customization One-sheet

Continuing Education Credits for Apollo Leadership Development Experience

Eligible for HRCI and CPE Credits

Earn up to 14.5 CPE credits and 12 HRCI credits in the Business Management and Organization field of study

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Leadership Development Experience Brochure

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On Team Leadership Development Experiences

"The two days spent on the Gettysburg battlefield provided immediately-applicable lessons that have become core to how my team plans, interacts, and executes for success. Put simply, TCB Gettysburg has provided a common language and approach for communicating and decision making"

Deb Affonsa
Senior Director
Operational Strategy and Transaction Management
PG&E Corporation

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