Understand how to hone your leadership style to maximum advantage

Is there a danger in being too charismatic? What is the line between a visionary and an autocrat? Are you confident that you have conveyed your goals – clearly and compellingly – to those at least two levels down? Could your direct reports articulate that vision in a consistent way?

These are among the questions raised by our Battle of Waterloo Leadership Experience, which walks you through the journey of two men on the cusp of greatness and ultimate defeat. You will see aspects of yourself in both the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte, whose stories will challenge you to examine your own leadership style and fine tune it to become even more effective.

You will consider such scenarios as:

  • A defining management meeting that was anything but leadership in action, offering a case study of how trust and alignment can be eroded
  • Decision-making under fire that reveals how the best leaders articulate a unifying vision while empowering others to take initiative
  • An act of teamwork that underscores why coming together is different from simply working together, diminishing obstacles and sparking new ideas

The relevance of events from two centuries ago will convince you that the most important element in business – the human capacity to lead – remains unchanged amidst technological and global change. Napoleon still stands as one of history’s most famed leaders. His final chapter will make you think about how the very traits that serve you in one situation may not serve you in another.

You will discover how to:

  • Clearly inform your team of your intent, which includes both what you aim to achieve and why it is important
  • Create alignment, so people are engaged, empowered to act, understand their roles, and make full use of their skills
  • Delegate authority without becoming detached from the decision-making process
  • Understand how different scenarios call for different leadership styles, from the democratic to the people-oriented to the transformational
  • Inspire your team through strong direction without making them too dependent on you for every decision
  • Become intuitive about the needs of your team, listening for clues to falling morale or misalignment
  • Act with enough authority to convey the clarity of your goals, but not too much that you limit your team’s flexibility

Your team will discover how to:

  • Identify and come together around shared goals
  • Define competing priorities as critical versus important
  • Take initiative in support of your organization’s strategy
  • Go beyond succession planning to succession readiness by preparing to function effectively with, or without, its’ top leaders

Your organization will be better equipped to:

  • Recognize competitive advantage involves a considered understanding of the battlefield terrain
  • Understand why strategic agility is so crucial in light of ever changing conditions. n Demonstrate how situational leadership really has its time and place
  • Instill a drive towards continuous learning 


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"The Waterloo training gave us interesting insights on military theories and possible parallel with the corporate world. Unique set-up with more 'field work' than class-room time! Mission Command principles helped the team to refocus on the essentials, especially during crisis times. Passion, expertise and diversity from the Corporate Battlefield staff allowed us to regain motivation, put things into perspective, and provided a spot-on feedback session. Great lessons to be learned."

Bernard Lang
Finance Director

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