About Councils

The Conference Board Councils bring together professional peers in confidential, dynamic, cross-industry communities to learn from each other's experiences.

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The Power of Peer Learning:

Business challenges have changed a great deal since The Conference Board convened its first council in 1929.The value of a strong peer network has only increased. Benchmarking, industry insights, and “best practices” all help shape your strategic decisions. But real understanding of how these apply in your business context demands a combination of broader perspective and specific knowledge that can only be achieved in a confidential dialogue of peers. Such shared experiences and enduring relationships are the cornerstone of the councils experience. Enhanced by technology and our global and enterprise-wide reach, this cornerstone leads to a deeper understanding that spans the world and extends its value across your organization. 

Council Membership Affords:

  • Trusted peer groups Entrée into a select community of 3,000 executives from a broad array of industries, functions, and regions who know the value of this rich source of insights and new approaches.
  • Problem solving Your issue becomes the agenda item in our peer assist process, with your council colleagues focused squarely on helping you discover a practical, actionable solution. We also offer council webcasts tailored to members’ needs.
  • Multi-function learning Work and meet with others from related or totally distinct functions and geographies, to bring a wealth of added perspective to the challenges of the day. The Conference Board has over 150 councils worldwide representing more than 50 functions.
  • Virtual communities The learning continues beyond face-to-face meetings, with private council websites where members can download past presentations, share documents, and contact their peers.  
  • Access to thought leadership Private briefings from The Conference Board experts and advanced access to our insights and research on key business issues.
  • Council Touchstones™ Confidential online surveys created at your request for instant peer advice to help address critical business situations

Council members and their teams can access:

  • The Conference Board Economics Watch® A monthly webcast and publication featuring a suite of key economic indicators and strategic insights with commentary by our chief economist highlighting potential business impacts
  • The Conference Board Governance Watch™ A bi-monthly webcast providing senior legal and compliance professionals new perspectives on issues and developments affecting corporate governance
  • The Conference Board Human Capital Watch™ A monthly webcast helping senior human capital executives address challenges and stay informed about current issues across the entire spectrum of human capital 
  • The Conference Board Policy Watch A quarterly webcast that explores the intersection of business and emerging US policy with the experts at the Committee for Economic Development 
  • The Conference Board KnowlEdge Series® Unique webcasts featuring exclusive insights from research in progress, across each of our three practice areas
  • Conference KeyNotes A webcast reprising the best presentations from recent conferences in a live webcast, live Q&A with the headline presenters, and a written summary
  • Ask TCB™ Unlimited access to our business information service 

Council members receive 50% off all conferences, with the benefit of extending this discount once per year to a direct report.

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United States:
Katie Plotkin
Director, Council Development
+1 212 339 0449

Marie-Laure Bultot
Manager, Council Membership
+32 2 675 5405

Charlotte Ha
Council Sales Manager, Asia
+65 6645 4699

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