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Global Economy Publications


  1. Global Economic Outlook 2019: Japan—Slow but Steady Growth Masks Serious Recession Risks

    January 2019 | Key Business Issues

    Japan’s growth rate is slower than average for a mature economy, partly due to an aging and shrinking population. Nevertheless, our overall medium- to long-term outlook for Japan is positive; the country has the potential to generate productivity growth, and its labor quality is improving.


  1. China CEO Council Session Report: Looking Beyond the Regulatory Trees to Assess the Regulatory Forest

    December 2018 | China Center Publications

    November's session of the China CEO Council examined current regulatory behavior and assessed the old and new tactics available to MNCs to create “regulatory space.” In some ways, the conditions are ripe for breakthrough gains in positioning and engagement. 

  2. Five Years of the Belt & Road Initiative: China Center Deep Dive Exchange Session Report

    December 2018 | China Center Publications

    Xi Jinping first announced the One Belt One Road project to the world in late 2013. Five years and one English-language name change later, the realistic prospects for the Belt and Road have begun to clarify, as has the road map for MNC engagement.

  3. Blue-Collar Worker Shortages: Navigating a Business Environment of Higher Labor Costs

    December 2018 | Key Business Issues

    The threat of labor shortages is more acute in blue-collar and low-pay services occupations than in more highly educated white-collar occupations, the exact opposite of the prevailing trends in recent decades.

  4. Global Growth Projections for The Conference Board Global Economic Outlook 2019

    December 2018 | Economics Program Working Paper Series

    This paper presents the methodology for The Conference Board Global Economic Outlook 2019, which includes growth projections of GDP and underlying supply-side components for 33 mature and 36 emerging market economies for 2019-2028.

  5. Conference Board Economics Watch® United States View

    December 2018 | Economics Watch Reports

    The gap between the consumer and the business outlook widens.

  6. Conference Board Economics Watch® European View

    December 2018 | Economics Watch Reports

    While economic growth moderates, internal risks have become more visible, especially in Italy and the UK.

  7. Conference Board Economics Watch® Emerging Markets View

    December 2018 | Economics Watch Reports

    Consumers remain buoyant, but the outlook for exports and investment remain challenged.

  8. Conference Board Economics Watch® Economic Series Report

    December 2018 | Economics Watch Reports

    Monthly economic series report.

  9. 18 Truths about Global Business and Shared Services

    November 2018 | Conference KeyNotes

    Increasingly, shared business services are about customer service and operational improvements, not just cost savings. As companies develop robotics capabilities in shared services, management and talent continue to be crucial.