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Human Capital Analytics Center Publications


  1. Human Capital Analytics Center Newsletter - November 2018

    November 2018 | Newsletter

    As the labor market further tightens, it's becoming increasingly difficult to recruit and retain qualified workers

  2. 25 Truths about Data and the Workplace of the Future

    November 2018 | Conference KeyNotes

    Employee data collection benefits companies: it answers talent riddles and helps fine-tune human resources policies. But there are analytics pitfalls: bias in data, difficult ambiguities, and survey fatigue among employees.

  3. Contrary to the Hype: The Real Trends in Nontraditional Work

    October 2018 | Key Business Issues

    The hype about nontraditional workers—that this segment of the workforce is growing rapidly—is out of line with hard data. The report explores the real trends in nontraditional work and online labor platforms.

  4. Human Capital Analytics Center Newsletter - October 2018

    October 2018 | Newsletter

    Use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help improve the employee experience and your bottom line

  5. CEO Succession Practices: 2018 Edition

    October 2018 | Research Report

    In 2017, departing CEO tenure was the highest recorded since 2002, at nearly 11 years, and the average age of a sitting S&P 500 CEO was 58.3 years.

  6. Is GDPR the Death Knell for Human Capital Analytics?

    September 2018 | Key Business Issues

    In a post-GDPR world where data privacy is a growing concern, companies must earn the trust of employees, job applicants, and contingent workers if they want to continue analyzing human capital data to generate business insights.

  7. Human Capital Analytics Center Newsletter - September 2018

    September 2018 | Newsletter

    With strong economic growth in the US expected through 2019 and the baby boomer generation continuing to retire, the labor market will tighten further.

  8. Human Capital in Review™: Voices from Asia, Vol. 2, No. 2

    September 2018 | Human Capital in Review

    This issue of Human Capital in Review focuses on the latest talent trends and human capital analytics developments, as well as effective practice to engage and retain talent in Asia.

  9. Job Satisfaction 2018: A Tighter Labor Market Leads to Higher Job Satisfaction

    August 2018 | Research Report

    US employees reported improved job satisfaction for the seventh year in a row—particularly with job security and wages—as the labor market continues to tighten.

  10. Job Satisfaction 2018: A Tighter Labor Market Leads to Higher Job Satisfaction (Chartbook)

    August 2018 | Research Report

    This companion to the full report includes an expanded selection of charts detailing the various components of job satisfaction tracked by this annual survey.