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Diversity & Inclusion Publications


  1. Defining and Measuring Inclusion

    December 2018 | Research Report

    To become inclusive, organizations, must first define it clearly, without giving in to superficiality and, second, measure inclusion and hold people accountable for making progress. New research by The Conference Board describes where companies are today in meeting these challenges and what they can do to define and measure inclusion more effectively.

  2. 25 Truths about Data and the Workplace of the Future

    November 2018 | Conference KeyNotes

    Employee data collection benefits companies: it answers talent riddles and helps fine-tune human resources policies. But there are analytics pitfalls: bias in data, difficult ambiguities, and survey fatigue among employees.

  3. Five Ways Companies Use Signposts of Innovation

    November 2018 | Publication

    We spoke with leaders of member companies involved with innovation at a large US defense contractor and at specialty materials company Eastman Chemical Company to find out which aspects of the signposts they find most useful.

  4. Diversity & Inclusion Center Newsletter - November 2018

    November 2018 | Newsletter

    Senior leaders are the driving force of stopping workplace abuses

  5. Director Notes India: Women Directors on Indian Boards

    November 2018 | Director Notes

    Indian companies need to focus on the spirit of the regulations instead of merely undertaking a check-the-box compliance when it comes to the appointment of women directors.

  6. Contrary to the Hype: The Real Trends in Nontraditional Work

    October 2018 | Key Business Issues

    The hype about nontraditional workers—that this segment of the workforce is growing rapidly—is out of line with hard data. The report explores the real trends in nontraditional work and online labor platforms.

  7. Nontraditional Workers: CHRO Predictions and Talent Strategies

    October 2018 | Key Business Issues

    This report examines how organizations are leveraging nontraditional work arrangements to meet business demands as well as approaches to attracting and engaging them. It includes a survey of business executives leading initiatives around nontraditional workers.

  8. Diversity & Inclusion Center Newsletter - October 2018

    October 2018 | Newsletter

    Only 9 percent of multinationals operating in China currently focus on disability issues, but 43 percent expect disability to become a future D&I focus as the Chinese population ages

  9. CEO Succession Practices: 2018 Edition

    October 2018 | Research Report

    In 2017, departing CEO tenure was the highest recorded since 2002, at nearly 11 years, and the average age of a sitting S&P 500 CEO was 58.3 years.

  10. Diversity & Inclusion Center Newsletter - September 2018

    September 2018 | Newsletter

    By 2025, the population of the US is likely to grow by 25.9 million—with 12.8 million of that coming from international immigration