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Quality Management Publications


  1. Director Notes India: India at a Crossroads—Transitioning to a renewables-based electricity system

    November 2018 | Director Notes

    A fast-growing economy, increasing population, and more resource-intensive lifestyles is fueling India’s energy demands.

  2. When Does Gender Diversity on Boards Benefit Companies?

    October 2018 | Director Notes

    Whether gender diversity produces a “diversity dividend” depends on the nature of the benefit of including women on a board.

  3. EU Circular Economy Package: A Challenging Yet Important Impulse

    April 2018 | Director Notes

    Corporate boards should be aware of the European Commission’s concepts of “recycle, repair and re-use” and waste avoidance, which are central to its Circular Economy Package.

  4. Are Directors Paid Too Much? An Analysis of Corporate Board Member Compensation from 1997-2012

    February 2018 | Director Notes

    Director excess compensation may be a sign of board entrenchment while an increase in overcompensation of directors reduces pay-for-performance sensitivity.


  1. Conference Board CEO Challenge® 2015: Creating Opportunity out of Adversity—Building Innovative, People-Driven Organizations (Strategic Overview)

    January 2015 | Key Business Issues

    In the current slow-growth global economic environment, CEOs say they are relying on product and process innovation, more productive use of technology, a stronger leadership bench, and increased employee engagement to contribute to organizational success.


  1. Creating the Future by Re-creating the Workplace: Insights from the 2014 Women's Leadership Conference

    October 2014 | Conference KeyNotes

    There is no question women make great leaders. Both organizations and women can take actions to move women further up the corporate ladder.

  2. Streamlining Product Safety and Regulatory Information along the Value Chain

    October 2014 | Council Perspectives

    The lack of consistent approaches for sharing product stewardship information in today’s complex global economy creates significant business risks that are often invisible to leadership.

  3. Taming the Change Tiger: Transforming Chaos and Uncertainty into Opportunity

    October 2014 | Council Perspectives

    Organizations need to change the way they change—to redefine a broader, more accountable, enterprise-wide approach that rides the chaos and achieves the best result.

  4. DNA of Engagement: How Organizations Create and Sustain Highly Engaging Cultures

    October 2014 | Key Business Issues

    Organizations with highly engaging cultures continually build on positive momentum in an effort to drive and sustain business performance. This report explores the commonalities among these organizations.

  5. Rallying Cry for Organizational Change

    October 2014 | Conference KeyNotes

    Companies should make change management a competency rather than an add-on. They can start by knowing the best practices for executing change and training employees in how to adapt to it.